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Welcome to Coach K’s Sports Performance. Our philosophy is based on Sports Biomechanics. As our name implies, we focus on improving your Sports Performance and we use both biomechanics and functional fitness to help you reach your goals. While many other gyms will give you a workout program, or even worse, push you so hard that you get sick, we follow a performance progression. We create a program that is tailored to your needs instead of a cookie cutter program. All our clients are unique. Your training program should be designed for you and what you want to accomplish.

Step 1 – We make sure that the machine (your body) is working correctly before we start adding muscle or speed/power exercises. We think of your body as an integrated machine, and all the moving parts need to be functioning properly before we go to the next step.

Step 2- We add strength, speed, and power in a layered progression with emphasis on functional movement patterns that apply to your sport. We believe in training through functional patterns using a three-dimensional approach because that is how your body works in the real world. It may seem odd at first to work on your hips to help your shoulders, but a keen understanding of biomechanics will show you how this will improve your performance.

We believe that our knowledge of biomechanics, and the ability to teach you how to move better, is what sets us apart from traditional workouts. We constantly update our training programs with the latest research by studying with national experts so that we can give you the best possible training. We are strong believers in asking WHY and HOW our own training applies to creating a top notch program for you.

So, give us a call at 352-246-5514. Let us show you how we can help you overcome injuries, improve your game, and make you feel younger and more energetic.

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