Training Options

Repair and Rebuild

Every athlete has experienced some sort of injury in the course of their lifetime. It can be anything from muscle soreness after a big workout, to tennis elbow that starts to interfere with your game, to a torn ligament that stops you all together.

Here at Coach K Sports Performance we have worked with a wide variety of athletic injuries (and have experienced quite a few ourselves). We can help you to Repair the damage in a safe and scientific program.  We are members of the NSCA Sports Medicine group and attend frequent Continuing Education events so that we can provide you with the latest care.

Once we have finished with the Repair process, and you are cleared by your Physician, then we start with the Rebuilding process. Again, we follow a step-by-step program designed to build on your strengths and integrate the injured area back into a complete healthy system.

Click here for a story (with some graphic images) about a client who underwent surgery and then worked with us to regain his bio-mechanical strength to run again in seventy-two-hour races.

btcmp5rePFT Services

Here at Coach K Sports Performance, we have many years of experience helping military personnel to successfully complete their PFTs. We have worked with active duty personnel, reservists and those going up for OCS. Personally, Coach K has completed the Navy SEAL PFT, so he knows what you will experience.

When you come to us, we will start the process with an evaluation of your strengths and “areas that need improvement”. Next, we decide on a plan of action. WE is important. Our job is to provide you with the best possible coaching but what you do determines how successful that plan of action will be in the long run.

We believe in giving back to the community, and have special discounts for military personnel.

melon_run_grp2Training for Runners

Our philosophy is to develop good technique and muscle balance before doing any harder training. Only when everything is working correctly is it safe to start building muscle, speed, and power. We strongly believe that a properly conditioned runner is a good runner. Some common goals are:

:   improve your PR times

:   move up to the next distance

:   correct nagging injuries, it is possible to run long distance and not be injured.

At Coach K’s Sports Performance we have programs for both the beginning runner, with the popular Santa Fe College Community Education program “Run Better, Run Faster”, and for the experienced runner with year-round classes. Both programs will follow our core philosophy of attention to both technique and conditioning and will match the participant’s level.

We strongly recommend the use of private lessons if you are training for an upcoming race or goal. Then we can make a training program that is individualized to your needs.

DanielleAndNicoleWarmUpOnTheBasketballCourtsWithCoachKBeforeTheMelonRunSports Performance

Our Sports Performance lessons are for those clients who would like to improve their current ability in their chosen sport/recreational activity. We design your program based on your biomechanical and performance assessment, and then determine which areas need improvement. It is important to realize that just “getting in shape” is not the answer. Each sport/activity will require a different amount of flexibility, agility, strength and aerobic capacity. If golf is your favorite past time, why train with big, heavy weights? Tennis players can focus on change-of-direction skills and functional shoulder flexibility instead of running lots of miles. Proper conditioning can prevent injuries and improve your ability to play.

coachKGroup1Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan was developed as a very intense martial art/kung fu. It was very successful, because of its biomechanical principles. We teach Tai Chi Chuan at the beginner level for Health and Balance, and as soon as you have learned these principles, you will see a big improvement in your posture, balance, ease of movement, and daily activities.

Then you can—if so desired—apply these new skills to any sports or martial arts activities for improved performance. We also teach Tai Chi Chuan as a Martial Art for those who would like to learn more advanced techniques than those taught at the beginner level. We have over 30 years of experience in Martial Arts, including full contact, and can safely guide you on your path.

More about Tai Chi Chuan

Santa Fe College Classes

We offer a variety of classes through the Santa Fe College Community Education Program. There are options for Cardio-boxing, Tennis Fitness, and Conditioning for Golfers. These are offered at different times of the year, so please contact us or Santa Fe if you are interested.