Good training is more than sweating and grunting; it's about how to move more efficiently...

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Sports Performance

We look at this as combination of SPORTS + PERFORMANCE training.

The SPORTS aspect is the Physical training that is required to do well in your chosen event. 

The PERFORMANCE aspect is the MENTAL and EMOTIONAL training required to have ‘grit’ and ‘be ready to meet the challenge’.

This is what sets Coach K’s Sports Performance apart from traditional training which tends to focus just on the physical aspect of training.

Our SPORTS training follows an organized system that starts with your evaluation, moves to correcting any mobility issues, and then builds strength using a system of functional and integrated movements.  We progress from simple bodyweight drills to heavy weights and explosive movements as you progress, and as needed in your chosen event.

Our PERFORMANCE training focuses on building your MENTAL grit and EMOTIONAL resilience. Can you bounce back from a setback? Do you get flustered or angry easily? Can you stay focused when physically tired and too hot or too cold?

Ultimately, the combination of these three areas will help you perform at your highest level. We believe that these skills will carryover from the ‘playing field’ to your real life. Then you become a better parent, a better spouse, and a better co-worker. This is far more important than winning a 5K or Spartan race.