Coaching Principles

The Three Connected ‘S’es: Speed, Strength, and Skills

Welcome to Coach K’s Sports Performance. Our philosophy is based on Sports Biomechanics. As our name implies, we are focused on improving your Sports and Performance abilities. We use both biomechanics and functional fitness to help you reach your goals. We believe that all of our clients are unique and deserve an individualized program. We will not have “WOD” or boot camp type workouts, with a one size fits all mentality.

Step 1 – We will do a movement assessment on your first day, just like a mechanic giving your car an inspection. Once we have determined the areas that need adjustment, we will develop an individualized Performance Progression plan. This means that your workouts will follow a structured plan—much like building a house—so that we add strength and skill in logical sequence to help you reach your goal safely and without injuries (no slinging kettlebells here). Your program should answer the two big questions of WHY and HOW: Why each exercise or workout is being done and HOW it is going to help you reach your goal.


Step 2 – We will add strength, speed, and power in a layered progression with emphasis on functional movement patterns that apply to your sport.  An important part of your program is to build the strength/stability and skills/Technique that you need for your goal.  This is where the individualized approach is so important, as each client requires a different emphasis.  When you have developed a good base of Strength and Skill , then we can start training for Speed and Power.

We believe that our knowledge of biomechanics and the ability to teach you how to move better is what sets us apart from traditional workouts. We are constantly updating our training programs with the latest research and studying with national experts so that we can give you the best possible training. We are huge believers in asking WHY and HOW biomechanics apply to creating a top notch program for you.


STEP 3-We believe in training in functional patterns and with a 3D approach (see image on the right) as that is how your body works in the real world. It may seem odd at first, to work on your hips to help your shoulders, but we will teach you how this will improve your performance.

Let us show you how we can help overcome injuries, improve your game and feel younger and more energetic. Contact us at 352-246-5514 or send us an email at