Welcome to Coach K's Sports Performance of Gainesville, Florida!

What do we do? 

We make your life better!

How do we make your life better?  

1. Fix those injuries and bad exercising techniques with Corrective Exercises and Biomechanic Training.

2. Make you have more grit, emotional resiliency and physical durability with Crucible Training

Please see our Coaching Principles to learn how we are different from other fitness clubs.

Our philosophy is based on Sports Biomechanics. As our name implies, we focus on improving your Sports Performance and we use both biomechanics and functional fitness to help you reach your goals. While many other gyms will give you a workout program, or even worse, push you so hard that you get sick, we follow a performance progression. We create a program that is tailored to your needs instead of a cookie cutter program. All of our clients are unique. Your training program should be designed for you and what you want to accomplish.

Give us a call at 352-246-5514. Let us show you how we can help you overcome injuries, improve your game, and make you feel younger and more energetic.

Latest Posts

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Integrated Biomechanics

Coach K shows you how to use a landmine and a rubberband to create a combined biomechanical exercise that improves efficiency of linking one side of the body to the other going from the left foot to t…
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Commitment to Progress

The purpose of this note is to introduce the Coach K Commitment to Progress Policy. The purpose of the policy is to stress the importance of making a commitment to make progress with your personal exe…
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Big Butts Running

From the Smithsonian Channel Why do humans have such big butts? There’s actually a reason for that. The Perfect Runner explains in this video…
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Jump Rope for Runners

Let’s talk about using jump rope drill for runners and why it should be part of your training program. I will list the benefits and then we can discuss them in more detail. Entry level plyometric dr…
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Recent 100K

hey y’all, just finished a 1ooK and chopped 2hrs from previous PR. Guess some of the new training is working!
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Updated Classes

We just updated our Classes page to reflect our current thinking about Sports Performance, Training for Runners, Tai Chi Chuan, and our Santa Fe College Community Education Program. Find out more by …
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End of 2015

Hey Y’all, good time to think of how your year finished. What worked well and what worked not so well. From here we can start to make progress. Hardest part is the thinking
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