1. Corrective Exercise Programs

Every athlete has experienced some sort of injury in the course of their lifetime. It can be anything from muscle soreness after a big workout, to tennis elbow that starts to interfere with your game, to a torn ligament that stops you all together.

Here at Coach K Sports Performance we have worked with a wide variety of athletic injuries (and have experienced quite a few ourselves). We can help you to repair the damage in a safe and scientific program.  We are members of the NSCA Sports Medicine group and attend frequent Continuing Education events so that we can provide you with the latest care.

Click here for a story (with some graphic images) about a client who underwent surgery and then worked with us to regain his bio-mechanical strength to run again in seventy-two-hour races.

2. Sports Performance Training

Sports Performance is about designing an exercise program that fits your chosen sport or fitness program. This is where our expertise in biomechanics is so important. Lifting some weights or running countless miles may be good for getting ‘in shape’ but may not be what YOU need to perform better or reach your goals.

We will break down your individual sport into components and build your program accordingly. Think of these examples: both golf and tennis use a lot of rotational power in their swing. So, should we train them the same? Of course not! With golfers we want stance stability and their rotational power is primarily in the frontal plane, whereas tennis players need quick agility and change of directions skills since their rotational power is primarily in horizontal plane.

Hopefully this will make you say: “Oh, I get it now.”

  • Golf: Golf Performance is based on an amazing combination of flexibility, Stance stability and the ability to generate rotational power in a very controlled space.  We address each of these components and then put everything together and you will be surprised at how much better you are now. Click on the image to the right to view the video on our YouTube channel.


  • Tennis: Tennis Performance is based on short burst speed, the ability to change direction quickly , core rotational power and very good upper body flexibility (neck, scapula, trunk, and arm) to prevent injuries. We even have an indoor area so that you can practice your swing and see the before and after differences.


  • Obstacle Course Racing:  With OCR Training, the big areas are strength (grip, lifting, jumping) and technique (HUGE) and anaerobic capacity.  Initially, we will focus on technique as that provides much faster improvements than just working harder.  We have indoor obstacles so that you can practice your skills in a safe environment.


  • Swimmers: Posture and Scapular mobility are big areas for swimmers. The ability to become “streamlined” is very important for speed and preventing shoulder injuries.  After that we can shift the focus to strength of your arms/shoulders and core stability. We will use many Dry Land Training techniques (see our YouTube channel) to make you more streamlined and stronger without having to spend more time in the pool and risk overuse injuries.


  • DanielleAndNicoleWarmUpOnTheBasketballCourtsWithCoachKBeforeTheMelonRunRunning: Runners have to learn to move from their center of gravity, keep good posture, have a flexible torso that allows for transfer of momentum and energy. AND then we start building aerobic capacity and muscular endurance (run more).  When everything is working correctly, and our client so desires, we will start working on speed.  Trail runners will require more training for core and balance integration.


  • Triathlons : This is where we started. We can help you with all phases of training for a triathlon and setting up a training program.